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Silk Abaya with Puffed Sleeves

Silk Abaya with Puffed Sleeves

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Luxurious Piety: Silk Abaya with Puffed Sleeves

Step into a realm of opulence and piety with our Silk Abaya featuring Puffed Sleeves. This exquisite creation embodies a harmonious fusion of luxury and modesty, making it an embodiment of refined elegance.

Crafted from sumptuous silk, the abaya drapes gracefully, enveloping you in a sensation of indulgence. The puffed sleeves add a touch of regal charm, while the design remains faithful to the principles of modest fashion.

Elevate your style while embracing your values with this luxurious abaya. Its pious essence resonates with every step you take, allowing you to make a statement of faith and elegance simultaneously. Revel in the splendor of the Silk Abaya with Puffed Sleeves – an ensemble where luxury meets the beauty of modesty.


Size table

1 inch = 2.54cm

S :Bust 190 cm, Shoulder \ cm, Length 133 cm . Sleeve 79cm

M: Bust 196 cm, Shoulder \ cm, Length 138 cm . Sleeve 80cm

L:Bust 202 cm, Shoulder \ cm, Length 143 cm . Sleeve 81cm

XL:Bust 208 cm, Shoulder \ cm, Length 148cm . Sleeve 82cm

2XL:Bust 214 cm, Shoulder \ cm, Length 153cm . Sleeve 83cm


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