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Palestinian Throw Blankets

Palestinian Throw Blankets

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Crafted from premium microfiber polyester fabric, it boasts a waterproof feature that enhances its durability and practicality. Use it as a throw blanket, sofa cover, or to cozy up your couch and chairs, while enjoying its super soft and warm touch.

With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes towards Palestinian humanitarian efforts, allowing you to make a meaningful impact while showcasing your support. Wear it proudly, let your heart shine, and stand with Palestine in style, making a difference with every step you take.


  • XS: 70x100cm (27.56x 39.37 inch) 

  • S: 100x130cm (39.37x 51.18 inch) 

  • M: 130x150cm (51.18x 59.06 inch) 

  • L: 150x200cm (59.06x 78.74 inch) 

  • EU-Single: 135x200cm (53.15x 78.74 inch) 

  • EU-Double: 200x200cm (78.74x 78.74 inch) 

  • EU-King: 240x220cm (94.49x 86.61 inch) 

  • US-Twin: 173x218cm (68.11x 85.83 inch ) 

  • US-Queen: 228x228cm (89.76x 89.76 inch) 

  • US-King: 264x228cm (103.94x 89.76 inch) 

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